Fathers and Sons In Theatre Tomorrow

Before the Christmas break I went to the First Weekend Club’s showing of Fathers and Sons at District 319.  The First Weekend Club was created because the length of time a Canadian film is shown in theatres depends upon the sales it generates during the first weekend.  Which means, even if it turns out that we have created a great film and it takes a little while for word-of-mouth to catch up, people might miss out due to the length of that films stay (in theatres).

Tonight we screen Casino Jack staring the awesome Kevin Spacey.  I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

But back to F&Ss, if you’re in Vancouver and looking for something to do – check out Fathers & Sons  – I recommend it! 

 This is a picture of Me, F&S director Carl Bessai & Lorraine Mochrie (Yes, she is Colin Mochrie’s sister)


Opens in Vancouver at Cineplex International Village (formerly Tinseltown) on Friday January 21st
Special Q&A with Director Carl Bessai at select screenings (see below)

A Night at The Movies That Redefines “Parental Guidance”…

 Join the Discussion: if you’ve seen Fathers & Sons, or once you have, and want to share your thoughts about it, write your own review, or just look at some of the film photos, join us online through the First Weekend Club community ClubHouse (you must become a registered user to post your comments).
About the film:
A follow-up to Mothers & Daughters, Vancouver filmmaker Carl Bessai’s Fathers & Sons explores the complex yet universal father-son relationships – as the title would suggest. With a healthy dose of humour, of course.

There are four compelling stories. First there is Bernie (Ben Ratner) who meets his father (Jay Brazeau) for the very first time…at his mother‘s funeral! Then there is  an accountant named Cameron (Stephen Lobo) who finds it rather difficult to accept his flamboyant Bollywood-choreographer father Sutish (Manoj Sood). There is more tension in the air when Viv (Viv Leacock), a recently bankrupted Wall Street broker is forced to ask for money from his music teacher father (Blu Mankuma). Lastly, we meet a quartet of brothers (Tyler Labine et al) who gather at their late father’s home to pay their last respects.

Dysfunction, humour, and drama make guest appearances throughout!

Other Vancouver cast members of note include: Sonja Bennett, Agam Darshi, Gabrielle Rose, Tom Scholte, Tantoo Cardinal, Rebecca Jenkins, Richard de Klerk, and the late Babz Chula in her final film appearance.
Fathers & Sons is distributed in Canada by Kinosmith.

Special Q&A Screenings with Carl Bessai

Friday January 21st following the 7:30 PM Screening (post screening party to follow, details will be announced at the theatre)

Saturday January 22nd following the 1:30 PM Screening (extended talkback with Carl)
To purchase tickets online visit: Cineplex International Village
All Screening times Friday January 21st to Thursday January 28th: 1:30, 4:30, 7:00, 9:45


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