1 on 1 With Pam Bentley

Today’s Wednesday Topic – My guest blogging post

Pam Bentley is a writer/producer hailing us from many places including Louisiana, Ottawa and New Mexico.  I was delighted to have the chance to sit down and discuss her view on the acting world, making movies and overall telling a story.

Meeshelle: So, Pam, tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you to Vancouver.

Pam: Well, I have had lots of experience with story, continue reading


2 thoughts on “1 on 1 With Pam Bentley

  1. I have no involvement with acting or theater, but that was still interesting. Acting looks like a tough career option. But, the industry is so much more. I am always amazed by the huge list of credits on any movie – just so many people involved.

    1. Thank you for reading the interview, I hope you got something out of it.

      The industry is definitely so much more than just acting!
      I once heard that the job of the director is like a captain on a sinking ship – you have to keep everything afloat as long as possible AND keep the morale of the crew up even though they know it’s probably a lost-cause 😉

      When I first started producing I found out quickly that every single person is integral to the success of the movie. If everyone is doing their job right, it can be magic, but of course the opposite is also true.

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