Almost Famous

Last night I got a text message saying, “I saw you on Glee!!!”  The truth is, the person did not see me on Glee, they saw me in a commercial which played during Glee (but I still thought her text was super sweet). 
This morning a bunch of my co-workers have messaged me with ‘congrats’ etc.  I feel so supported and blessed 🙂

Of course I’m tickled pink that my .5-seconds in the 30-second spot* catches people’s eye enough for them to text/message me.  I wonder what would happen if I actually was on Glee, now THAT would be awesome 🙂
It’s fun to watch t.v. and see people I know, and now, for this brief period of time that’s me 🙂 

Familiar faces of friends and people I’ve met within the industry tend to pop up all over the place in shows, movies and commercials.  I even knew a bunch of the supporting cast members in The Watchmen- Vancouver is full of those people who are recognizable but not necessarily household names, and that’s ok with me.  
As long as I’m able to make a living at doing what I love, I’m happy- and I seem to be on my way 🙂

Tonight the commercial plays during the season finale of Survivor – FUN!

*I feel lucky to have made the cut since the original is one minute


2 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. That’s so awesome! I don’t watch either of those shows, though. lol

    I’ll have to make a note and try to remember to watch just to see you.

    1. Aww Yay!
      I think it’s only playing in Canada though… if you haven’t checked it out the longer version is on youtube… the link is in my previous post 🙂

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