Would you believe it’s one of my favourite holidays?  It’s right up there with Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years 🙂

Nathan, a close friend of mine, pointed out that we have re-emerged from that awkward Halloween time.   You know, the time when you’re too old to trick-or-treat and too young to go to the clubs or anywhere really cool.  But this year I felt that we reclaimed this awesome holiday.

We pumpkin carved on Friday night and got dressed up/hit the town on Saturday.

I made a kitty.

Kert was a skeleton, referenced from Fever Ray’s If I Had a Heart*.

I was a glow-in-the-dark punk fairy, but once I took my wings off (because the span was obnoxious) people thought I was trying to be from Tron.

And here are some of us in our costumes.’


*aka This Look


6 thoughts on “Halloween!!

  1. How in the world did you find white pumpkins that were hollow???? I thought a white pumpkin would make an awesome jack-o-lantern one year, but it wasn’t hollow. 😦

      1. That’s it! I’m just cutting edge! 🙂

        It had a small hollow space, but the walls were about 4 inches thick, so there was no way to carve it. And a girl at the pumpkin carving party I went to a few weeks ago had a green pumpkin and it wasn’t hollow, either.

        Maybe you Canadians just have better pumpkins.

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