Confessions of a Musical Interlude

Quite often at work I have an earpiece in listening to CBC Radio 3.  This way I get to chill to Canadian grooves without interrupting anyone else.

This song came on the other day that I am simply IN LOVE with!!!  Something about the urban beats with her soft voice transports me to another realm 😉

Misteur Valaire
November Number 3 (feat. Fanny Bloom)

Another amazing song is this one, Tornado by Jonsi.  It was playing in the background of a short film screened at the Emerging Filmmakers portion of VSFF* last Thursday and I recognized it instantly as I have been listening to them for a while (thanks to friend Matt).
Eventually, when I have some time, I’d like to make a fan music video and send it to them – which is something I’ve never done before.

I love to be inspired!!

*As a side note, Sandra Garcia, the marketing director for the festival said that she remembered our film and that it was shortlisted – unfortunately we did not make the final cut.  There is, however, always next year 😉  Onward and upward!!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Musical Interlude

  1. Aw well, next time! Thanks for the link, I feel so out of the music scene these days! Always good to hear some new stuff.

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