Birthday Blues? Not This Year

Being sick on my birthday isn’t ideal but it does give me a chance to pause and reflect… there isn’t much else that can be done when even getting up to write this post is a major undertaking.

So here are my thoughts on the last year:

Short Film Completed – Check

Feature Script Completed – Check

Imdb credits – Check

Documentary – On the Way 🙂

Love Life – Going Strong

Friends – Wish I could have seen more of them but the time we do spend together is always perfect

Acting Career – Some paid gigs under my belt and am ready to tackle whatever this year brings 🙂

Family – Going strong, we love each other

Goals for the upcoming year – keep writing, keep acting, keep loving life!  I will make these goals much more specific and attainable once I’m feeling better but for now I’m happy with where I’m at and where I’m going 🙂

This is a picture, from last week, after my ‘birthday haircut’ done by the Fabulous Taylor at… can you guess?


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