Michael J. Fox, An Overnight Success?

From My Perspective

The truth about having a successful artistic career is that more often than not, it takes hard work and dedication.  To a lot of outsiders it can look like someone is an ‘overnight success’ when in reality that is quite rare; take my example of Mr. Fox (to see what he was in BEFORE Family Ties take a look at his imdb page).

Another common misconception is that talent will be recognized and rewarded.

Too often talent is overlooked or not given the necessary chance(s) to flourish.

The industry is about building relationships, building trust, building portfolios and then creating something worth mentioning.

As an actor I feel at the whim of too many outside factors.  Other people, for example, who also control the fate of my career are: my agent, the casting director, the director, the producer, the studio, the masses etc. etc.

Which is why I count my lucky stars that I enjoy writing as well.

There is a LOT going on in my life right now, but I will not blog about it until these endeavors actually come to fruition.  I want them to actually happen and (unfortunately) this industry has taught me that sometimes even the best laid plans fail.

Needless to say things are on the up-and-up and I’m greatly looking forward to what the future holds!

Stay tuned, for once contracts are signed and agreements made I will be updating about these fabulous adventures 🙂


4 thoughts on “Michael J. Fox, An Overnight Success?

  1. OK, I’m confused. You need to go into a little more detail about Michael J. Fox. I have no idea what you’re talking about!

    1. My bad. I take it for granted that most people considered him an overnight success when in actuality he worked his butt off and was down to his last quarter – which he used to call his agent from a payphone to find out he had booked the part on Family Ties.

      1. Ah ha! Thank you. 🙂

        I had no idea what his career path consisted of. I know about writers more than actors. Tom Clancy’s first novel was an overnight best-seller. Lucky him!

      2. Thank you for reminding me not to assume.

        I’m not sure it is such a blessing to be immediately successful. There is a lot of pressure that comes out of that and the expectations go way up.

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