Confessions of a FINAL THERAPY SESSION!!

Therapy is officially DONE!!


I get my copy on Saturday!  Then it’s time to send this puppy off to festivals.

We’ve already submitted to the Vancouver International Film Festival and it was tight.  Shane managed to fix the problem, make a DVD, and rush it to Lisa who had to literally run it over to the VIFF office.  But it’s done and it’s in and it’s DONE!!!

I can’t believe it’s finished 🙂

Special thanks to Shane Smith, Kirsten Johnson, Nick Bedell and Lisa Newell for their extra-long hours and hard work.

I can’t stop beaming!


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a FINAL THERAPY SESSION!!

  1. I found you on a comment on a word press blog earlier today. Just sort of followed the clicks, trust me, you have one of the most interesting blogs I have seen today. Toemail is easy, more or less anonymous if you want it that way, and loads of fun. Hope to hear from you soon!

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