Confessions of a Gunslinger Addict


I took this book slowly due to having devoured the rest of the series and didn’t want it to end.
The Gunslinger took me on a wild ride – it was so much fun!

Stephen King did an interesting thing as a writer.  He wrote two endings.  He then offered it up to the reader to stop after the first ending and let sleeping dogs lie.

I put the book down for fifteen minutes before scrambling to see how the seventh installment could possibly wrap up an entire series.

A while ago one of my friends said that he was completely disappointed with the final few pages, but I can’t think of  any other way it could have ended.

I also wonder if any conclusion could ever fully satisfy people who have been fans of something for a long period of time.  Anticipation is often the best part of life and yet we always seem to be in such a rush to get through it.


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Gunslinger Addict

  1. I hate when something I love ends. I think it’s the mark of a great movie/book/TV show/whatever when you want to know the end, but you don’t want it to actually end because you enjoy the world into which you’ve been transported.

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