Confessions of a Colouring Addict

Lately I have re-discovered the pleasure of colouring.  It was Anya’s idea to get something crafty and I think Sarah is the one who picked up the colouring books but no matter what the origin, these past few days I have greatly enjoyed spending many hours in the sun colouring.

This is Nathan’s dragon – so beautiful 🙂


Again, and I’ll probably continue to write this over and over, I don’t care where my inspiration comes from, as long as it comes.  I find that when I can do a relaxing task, like colouring, I can let my mind wander coming back with new thoughts/ideas.

I’ve even been mulling over my next screenplay.  The last one isn’t even dry yet and already I’m thinking about my next project.  This tendency to constantly create could be deemed ‘smart’ or ‘insane.’

Also, I thought up a new drinking game.  Every time the word (or word variation of) ‘colour’ comes up in this post – take a shot of tequila.


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