Finished Feature Film Script!!

I forgot to mention that before I left for vacation, I dropped off our COMPLETED feature film script for the Praxis* competition.  This script is the first time I have collaborated with my mother and we make an incredible team.
We were often able to just send ideas without having to fully explain them because the other person would finish the sentence or pick up on it right away and flesh it out.

My mother has often helped edit my work in the past, but this time she was actually a part of the concept phase and someone to bounce ideas off of throughout the construction of the story.  She was also a great motivator, gently prompting me to continue writing or even just replying to an e-mailed draft with enthusiasm and cheer.
The script we currently have is a mere skeleton, something to build from, but it is done and I am very happy with the results.  I think others will feel the same.

The thing I like the most, though, is knowing that my mother and I make a great team.  Working with her made writing a little less lonely.

*I’m testing out the whole ‘link’ with just a word thing, thanks to Renee for helping me out 🙂  For whatever reason, though, I can’t find the drop-down ‘format’ menu to make my font larger… strange considering it should be easy to find.
EDIT: It was because I wasn’t showing ‘the kitchen sink’ before – let that be a lesson 😉


2 thoughts on “SUCCESS!!

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