Confessing to not looking at Pages

How much do you look at pages beyond the first?

Often when I go to a new blog I read what they’ve written and then I move on.  If I see something I really enjoy, I’ll either link to them or subscribe (or both).

But I find myself mostly staying away from pages other than ‘home’ and ‘about’ unless someone puts a link within a post, or says to check a page out for an explanation… I guess what I’m trying to say is – I’ve spent a lot of time on my other ‘pages’ but I’m not sure whether or not people will even go there.

Oddly enough I started writing this post sometime in the last few weeks and as if reading my mind, lesleehorner posted on the ‘modeling’ page and then I got another comment from justenjoyhim on ‘modeling’ and yet another one from LaboriousLiving on ‘Me.’  So I guess people DO click on other pages, and maybe I’m the odd-man-out.

I just created a new one with posters/pictures from previous shows and I think it’s kind of fun having everything centralized 🙂

Also, being relatively new to, is anyone able to tell me how to make the font size larger?  And to make a link not be a link but be a word instead?  Thanks in advance all you wonderful people 🙂


5 thoughts on “Confessing to not looking at Pages

  1. When you’re writing your post, at the top of the box where you’re typing is a drop down menu that says “format.” If you click on the arrow, there’s an option to increase the font size. It’s pretty limited, but you can go a little bigger that way.

    For the link, copy the link to your clipboard, highlight the word you want to make a link out of and then at the top of the box, there’s a button with a picture of a chain link (next to where you can justify or center your text). Click on that and a window will pop up. Paste the link into that box and click “OK.” I always choose to make mine pop up in a second window so people don’t have to go back and forth to finish reading my posts.

    I hope that all made sense! It’s tough to explain, but showing you isn’t really an option. 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you so much for helping me out! Perhaps I should start calling you my blogging ‘mentor’ 🙂 Would you be interested in that title?

      So the link thing actually made perfect sense but for whatever reason I could not find the drop-down menu you speak of. Perhaps it’s not valid with the ‘theme’ I’m using… ? I swear I scrolled over every icon available.

      😉 Thanks again!!

      1. It’s been trial and error for me. Just keep playing with it.

        It doesn’t really say “font” in the font changer. It says “paragraph 1,” “paragraph 2,” etc. They’re different sizes, but it’s not like with Word. I’m not savvy enough to tell you if your theme matters. Make sure you have “show the kitchen sink” on. There should be two rows of icons. At the far right of the top row is the “kitchen sink” icon. If that’s not “on” you won’t see the font changer.

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