Praxis Picnic


Miss Kirby Rae  took me as her date to this year’s Praxis BBQ.  It was a night of great fun, conversation and food.  I met some wonderful people and learned all about the Praxis centre for screenwriters.  It is a great program partly sponsored by Telefilm and they have a bi-yearly contest where five (or six) winners are given a writing guru and have their script work-shopped for a week.

Because I just found out about this, the deadline is FAST approaching which means I have to turn my 33-page script into a 90-pager asap.  I was up late last night and then early this morning typing away.  I took a short break to write this post* and then after dinner tonight it’s probably an all-nighter before sending the rough (very rough) draft off to my editor.

Hopefully what we hand in to the competition is worthwhile, I hear it’s very competitive.  Wish me luck 🙂

Deadlines are both a blessing and a curse.  They force me to finish my work but they also bring crunch-time stress.

Next year I’ll be much more prepared for these Praxis deadline 🙂

*see, that’s what I do, I write drafts of these posts from home and then edit/post them during my breaks at work.


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