Sounds like Colour Correction is Tougher than it Looks

The ‘sound’ is DONE!

Nick Bedell is awesome!! He did our post-sound and having seen it all put together with proper levels etc. etc. I am over the moon with happiness.

Nick said this was one of the easiest projects he’s had in a long time.  We only had to ADR one line out of the entire thing.  Seeing as we had the actress available, I did it right then and there and it worked out – yay!!

He also added a bunch of moments to fill out the story and make everything that much richer. I am truly blessed to get to work with such talented people. If you’re ever looking for post-production sound editing, I highly recommend Nick Bedell.

Sound Good, Colour Bad

Unfortunately, it turns out colour-correcting white-on-white is not an easy task.  Shane Smith (our amazing DOP/Colour-Correcter extraordinaire) said that this has been one of the toughest projects he’s ever had because of how difficult it is to match the background and keep the skin tones looking good/the same etc. etc.
And here I thought I’d made it easy on him by setting (almost) everything in a white room.

That all being said, I trust that Shane will turn out his amazing work (he’s done it in the past) and I can’t wait to see the movie when it’s finally completed.

One of the reasons I love making movies is seeing a film grow and take shape.  When everyone is on their game and adding to it with their own creativity, that’s when the magic happens. Lisa is such a fabulous director, she stands back and lets people roam free, knowing they will each bring their talent to the table.


2 thoughts on “Sounds like Colour Correction is Tougher than it Looks

  1. Wow it was neat watching that colour correction stuff! It was also great to catch a sneak peak of your film!! Wheeee!!! Will I still get to see it on our nation’s birthday?

    1. Unfortunately the movie won’t be ready in time for my trip over and I don’t want to show everyone an unfinished project.

      But it will be ready when I come to visit at the end of July. 🙂

      Thank you for being so supportive throughout and actually wanting to see my work!!

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