12 Steps to a Better Future

Someone made a joke that there should be a post re: 12 steps to saving the environment, and I thought I’d take on the challenge.  This is what works for me.

Step 1. Stop blaming others and realize that you are in control of you.

Step 2. Think of all the things YOU can do to be environmentally conscious.  Empower yourself with the little things – they add up.

Step 3. Enjoy the ride – walk/bike/bus, these things will help to keep your waistline smaller and the amount of reading one can get done on the bus/skytrain is astounding.

Step 4. Buddy up.  Find friends with similar interests to help keep motivated, and share ideas/goals/accomplishments.  Online communities work as well; David Suzuki & WWF are mine.

Step 5. Keep implementing the little things, some suggestions:

Reduce by having shorter showers
– turn the power off on electronics when you aren’t around or home, unplug them or switch off the power bar itself to avoid energy drain

Reuse by buying rechargeable batteries instead of throw-aways
– bring  your own grocery bags to the store

Recycle as much as possible!!  Also, composting is fast becoming readily accessible and easy, I know that the city of Vancouver will now pick up food scraps along with your yard trimmings

More to come – or do you have steps of your own to add?


One thought on “12 Steps to a Better Future

  1. Thank goodness Vancouver and a bunch of other cities realize food scraps don’t belong in the dump. Here in Boulder Colorado we’ve had curbside compostable bins for couple years but there are still too many people that can’t get past the yuck factor, so I invented a product that eliminates it.
    Check out http://www.compokeeper.com

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