I’m in Love with Therapy

I adore working on Therapy with Lisa.  She is such a great director and an amazing person to boot.  We are so close to being done I can almost taste it.  We’re ready to start submitting to festivals as soon as I finish the synopsis, which is giving me a bit of trouble, but the log-line is done:

On the verge of despair, highly troubled Theresa enters into a new form of intensive therapy and is left alone in a room with a seemingly perfect version of herself; but when she realizes that it is kill or be killed, Theresa must learn that she is ultimately stronger than she gives herself credit for before her personified hatred gets the upper hand and all is lost.


4 thoughts on “I’m in Love with Therapy

    1. hahaha – well I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be one line and this is how others are written but if we can get away with it we’ll put in some periods 😉

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