Leo Awards – Canada is Coming to Get you – ROAR!

The results have been posted and it turns out I personally know one of the Leo award winners.

Congratulations to Kelly-Ruth Merser for her award!!

Best Screenwriting in a Short Drama
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
No Ones Knows You Like Your Motherhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454509/

Also of note, JP McGlynn was nominated for Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama. Congrats on just being nominated!  I think that’s awesome 🙂
JP and I got to share the stage most recently in At The Corner of V&S where he played Bob-Bob and I was Miss Irene.

I’m so happy for my fellow industry people.  Onward and upward!


2 comments on “Leo Awards – Canada is Coming to Get you – ROAR!

  1. Neat! Good for her 😀
    A girl I went to high school with was in a show (Wolf Canyon) that apparently won 5 of them.
    Sorry, I commented in the wrong place earlier!

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