Worst Case Scenario

Even though this blog is meant for my acting journey, life is so much fuller than that and I have many other passions (including the environment) so meanderings into other subjects are bound to happen.


I think xkcd is a great webcomic, even though I am not always the target audience.

All joking aside, though, I really do worry about the state of the world sometimes.  The fact that we still haven’t plugged that oil leak is disastrous.   One good thing that is coming from it is that it could mean stronger regulation to protect the Arctic waters; according to the WWF website http://blog.wwf.ca/blog/2010/05/13/oil-spill-could-mean-stronger-regulation-to-protect-arctic-waters/

Mistakes happen.  It’s not whether or not we stop them, it’s what we do when they occur.  We are so powerful when we combine our efforts.  Let’s use our powers for good!!


2 thoughts on “Worst Case Scenario

  1. great comic. I concur – – that from these disasters, and from all the crazy transition going on in that part of the world – – a better nation, people, community will emerge. It just depends on how bad it has to get for that change to occur . . .

    Oh, and as far as distractions go, just remember that everything that is not acting is research. 🙂

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