May 30th – 365

The last two days of May will complete my version of the photo-a-day.  The new version will be a photo-a-week, which is much more doable.  Again, I have greatly enjoyed this process, I just don’t have the ability to keep up with it at the moment.

May 30th – The photo on top of the photo is an awesome picture Brendan took at Jana and Seamus’ wedding with his ‘indie-cam’ aka his Polaroid. It was really cool having a Polaroid camera there.  There is something magical in seeing a photo appear before my eyes.
It’s not the same when someone takes a digital photo and turns the screen around.  Maybe it’s because digital photos are a dime-a-dozen and because they are so quick and easy, they are easier to dismiss.

It’s interesting how quickly our society is moving away from the physical and into the virtual.

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