Last night I got a phone call from number 646-688-5101, which is New York (I believe).  My phone has been on the fritz lately but for some reason this call got through.  So I picked up.  It was a woman who said that I won a contest.  She brought up that I had filled out a form recently (which I did) for the possibility to win a trip and I WON!
In fact, I didn’t just win one vacation, I WON TWO of them!!

She goes on and on about all the exciting possibilities in Florida and Mexico.  We talk about white sandy beaches and all the good times.  I can bring one other person as the package is meant for two but the total amount can only be four people.  We have to figure out our own way to get down there but once we’re there our accommodation and food are covered.

She says they are getting something out of this too.  They want us to go and enjoy ourselves and come back and talk about how great their hotels are and what great service we got etc. etc.  We’re talking $4,000.00 worth of goods and services.

It all sounds really great doesn’t it?

Here’s the catch.  I only have to give them my credit card information so they can charge me $199 per person ($398 total) and then they’ll send me my vouchers.

Wait a minute.  Can I have 24 hours to think about this?
No, because the system deletes you immediately unless you take this once in a lifetime offer.
What if I hadn’t picked up?
I have to physically speak with you before this kicks in.
Really.  So I can’t wait for your e-mail with all the information before making an informed decision?
The e-mail is the $4,000.00 worth of vouchers, you’re going to have an incredible vacation, I don’t want you to pass this up.  We aren’t just going to hang up once we have your credit card info, you’ll be passed along to a verification person who will give you a number for your assurance.  We are under the BC law and government sanctioned.
Yes, but I’m not about to give you any more information at this time.  I would like to review everything and call you back.  For example, I have no idea what company you’re calling from.
I’m calling from VTT travel, feel free to look us up.
I can’t look you up right now, I’m away from the computer.  Send me everything and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.
(her, getting much more urgent) You don’t understand.  The system will delete you.  This is a one-time offer and you’re going to miss out.
(me getting calmer and calmer) I think it is you who doesn’t understand.  I am not about to give someone my credit card information unless there is good reason.
(her getting angry) TWO TRIPS aren’t good enough reason?
(me) No.
(her) So, you’re going to give up this fabulous opportunity?
(me) Yes. (click)

I feel good that Sarah, Laura and Rachel all support that this was quite obviously a scam.  If you win something you shouldn’t need to pay UP FRONT.  Please don’t fall into this trap.  It all sounds VERY legitimate at first and they will use every tactic available: befriend, guilt, shame, anger, you name it.

My co-worker Deb says I should have said, “Does your mother know what you’re doing?  Scamming people.  You should be ashamed of yourself.”  Apparently that’s what she does and they hang up immediately – haha.


4 thoughts on “Scammers

  1. You missed out! You missed out on funding the lavish lifestyle of complete strangers with no moral compass! Why wouldn’t you want to take part in that?

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