April is the month for newness.

April 1st represents the last day of my job-job (for three weeks) so I can rehearse full-time for the show.  Here are my opposing bags.

April 2nd and 3rd are very similar, but I didn’t realize that until I uploaded them just now.  April 2nd was taken during my walk to rehearsal.  Some power-lines were down due to the wind-storm so we had to go the long way ’round.

And April 3rd was from my bike ride today.

And finally, this archive photo (nothing to do with 365) was inspired by Sara’s lj post about being kicked out of a store for taking pictures.  Mom and I were sneaky in Vegas, I think deep down we knew we shouldn’t be doing it, but we did anyway.  I believe the coat I’m wearing it worth $5,000.00
See that blurry woman in the background?  She is about to say, “No pictures!”  Which is exactly what my pose implied, ala Greta Garbo 🙂  “I want to be left alone.”

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