Where am I going?

Today’s 365 picture is actually from this morning.  I will fill in the others from previous days when my home computer decides to start working again.  Totes 😦 to home computer not working.

In the meantime, today’s is dedicated to my daytimer which went missing just before I left for Vegas and was found again about a week and a half later by cousin when she moved some boxes in the kitchen and saw that it had fallen in behind.  I thought I was doing so well with not freaking out about the loss of my scheduler until that moment when cousin presented it to me again.  I could not have been happier receiving a cheque for $10,000.00… well, maybe the cheque would have created an equal reaction.

Unfortunately with the week of lost moment-to-moment detail laid out in front of me, I missed out on a few key events, including getting to see Miss Amanda’s Burlesque debut 😦  I called her on Sunday thinking it would be held on the same evenings as the other Burlesque shows she has invited me to attend and unfortunately was a day late 😦

The peanuts and banana represent part of my snacks for work today 🙂  Yum!!

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2 thoughts on “Where am I going?

  1. Something about the shadow of the banana makes the peanut can look like it’s hovering in midair! WHAT!

    So glad you got your daytimer back. So stressful to lose the guide to your whole entire life. (I also need to go to DA = Daytimer’s Anonymous.)

    1. Whoa, so true about the hovering – that’s pretty cool 🙂

      Yes, my missing daytimer was totes inappropes. Let’s start a DA group, I just need to get my schedule to find out when would be good to meet.


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