Last night KJ, Lisa and I sat around for a few hours and laughed our asses off whilst finalizing the Picture Lock for Therapy.  I couldn’t have had more fun completing a film.  I love both these girls for making the experience, and the final product, so incredible.

Next up, everything will go to Shane for colour correction (and one final scene) and THEN everything goes back to KJ for the finishing touches and THEN we’ll give out copies to the composer, Trance, and sound-mixer, Nick, and THEN back to KJ to put it all together and THEN it will be ready to be screened.
And then…?  NO AND THEN!!  (dude where’s my car anyone? Bueller?  BUELLER!)

I have definitely learned a lot throughout this process.  Especially how great it is to work with such amazing/talented/professional people.

If I produce/write/act in one film (of my own) every two years, but that piece is something I am proud to put my name to – I will be very happy 🙂

I shall end this with a group shot.


It’s too bad Tash and Andrew couldn’t have been in the group-shot as they did amazing jobs.  Last night Lisa said we couldn’t have cast better.  Yay!!


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