Reflecting on this interesting goal – to take a picture every single day of 2010 – I have found that it forces me to look at things differently.  When I first started I had to think about what I personally looked like every day.  Then it was finding other people who were willing to be my subjects (or subjecting unsuspecting strangers).  This month I’ve enjoyed seeing a world devoid of people… it’s interesting to look at a city and try to pick out the pieces around the people.  As if the very places I”m living, or standing in, have a life of their own.

Vegas proved interesting when seeing it through the 365-eye.  Often I would look for the little things, details that might otherwise have gone unnoticed had I been in my regular tourist head-space.  So for that reason I’m glad to be doing this.  But I’m also getting quite tired of having to take a picture every single day… I guess that’s just another part of it – to push myself beyond my comfort level and see where that leads.

March 19th, 365 – Ferry times from a different perspective.

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