March of 365

Alright, here are my photo updates.  I’m super sick right now but want to be awake for a few hours to make sure I can actually sleep tonight.  It seems life caught up to me with the new job, the move, the producing stuff, the acting stuff and going to Vegas over the weekend.  I was actually fighting the illness the entire time we were away and it became full-blown yesterday to the point of aching in my joints, throat, back and stomach.  Pretty crazy.

Here are the 365 photos from March 2-4th (warning, very image heavy)

March 2nd, new home 🙂

March 3rd, I went from thisTo thisIn one day.
And then I had a bath/went to bed because I was feeling so crappy.

March 4th same view as above but  the next morning.

At the Bellagio.

At the Coliseum, the first one is not a person.

Not sure which hotel this was from but I thought it looked cool…

The Sirens of TI sing on this ship at the Treasure Island Hotel

Just a cool pic

More to come…

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