34-38 of 365

Well the first thing to go when one is really busy is the updating of the blog.  Or so it seems in my life.

Here are my feb. pics from the past few days, enjoy:

Let’s go backwards this time.  I just got home from a wonderful evening at the ‘poetry is dead’ launch.  http://poetryisdead.ca/  My dear friend Leah Rae has  a couple poems in the issue and I went out to support her but what a great event to be a part of.  I’m gonna write them a formal letter asking if they will come out and read some work at the ‘Therapy’ screening.  Because art should support art and visa-versa 😉

This weekend Nathan was visiting from Victoria.  He just got back from a year in Korea on the 1st so it was good times seeing my chum 🙂 We had breakfast on the Drive at Theresa’s, they have gluten-free pancakes HELLO!!

(my boys, smee)

So the weekend was spent enjoying each other’s company.  Those are the best weekends to spend.

On Thursday, Asad came to New West to have lunch with me.  Yay Asad 🙂  He is the photographer who took the pics which are displayed at the top of this blog 🙂

And finally, my usual pic on the skytrain – no worries, I have an idea for this coming week 🙂

More updates later on the play I’m in, and continuing Therapy stuff.

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