In General

My second day at the full time job went just as well as the first 🙂

I also managed to make it out to the WIF martini mixer tonight.  I’m currently on the jury for the film festival, so I get to watch films and rate them, and my fellow juror and I made plans to meet there to ‘make the switch’ aka exchange short film submissions.  I’m really enjoying getting to see things from the other side, and am learning a lot in the process.  I had only meant to stay at the mixer a short while but, as is what usually happens at these things, I got to talking with some pretty incredible ladies.

One of the people I met recognized me simply because of my name-tag.  She had heard about me, and how I spell my name, through the grape-vine.  It was quite the feeling to introduce myself to someone only to have her say, “Are you the Meesh?” (and then give some follow-up questions re: my film and the play)  It was actually really rewarding 🙂


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