Blood. It’s in me but…

After an extensive conversation with the nurse I have found out the parameters around my ability to give blood.  First and foremost I am not allowed to give until December 19th, 2010 because I visited an area of Mexico which could have exposed me to Malaria.  Secondly, I am not allowed to give within six months of being ‘glutened.’  They call it a ‘flare up.’  I call it ‘hell.’  And finally, my iron levels have to be deemed high enough before they’ll even go near me with a needle.

It’s too bad.  I wanted to give.  If you’re able to, please go make a donation.

This is my best puppy-dog face.


3 comments on “Blood. It’s in me but…

  1. This is my favourite picture of you so far!! You are STUNNING, my dear!! 😀

  2. Cute bangs!!

    I would love to donate blood–I’ll have to go check out if I can after our trip to Mexico as well.

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