20th and 21st

Does anyone love 30-Rock as much as I do?  I wanna be the next Tina Fey.
“I won’t calm down.  Women are allowed to get angrier than men about double standards.”

Yesterday and today’s 365 pics:

Cousins 4Eva!

Today I took myself on a bike ride around the seawall.  It’s been much too long.  Unfortunately being all sicky means it tired me out quite a bit – but oh so worth it.  The clouds broke just enough to give me a stream of sunlight – good ole Vitamin D makes me happy.

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2 thoughts on “20th and 21st

  1. I love that seawall picture! Did you take it yourself? If so, good for you for being brave enough to take a timer shot in public! I always feel like a knob doing that, but wish I didn’t because who cares, right?

    1. Thanks Jana. Yep I took it myself and I think the people in the background were all “What? What?” but I didn’t care. I’m doing a project yo!

      I love the movement of the clouds in the background. The sky was opening up that very moment 🙂

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