Women in Film Vancouver Chapter

The Women in Film networking breakfast is always a good idea for me to go to, even though it is really early, and I mean really early… 6am wake-up early.  However, time and again whenever I do go, I meet amazing new people and get to re-connect with others.  Unfortunately this morning I completely forgot that my change of hair and lack of attendance for the last few months might lead to some interesting and funny exchanges…

The one that made me laugh the most was sitting beside Deborah, as in The Land of Deborah,  an amazing singer/songwriter who is following her dreams and making it happen.  I figured she just didn’t remember me because as polite as she was, there wasn’t that added bit of friendliness.  Later, though, she came over to explain that she had kept trying to place me until she saw my business card and someone mentioned that I’d changed my hair, and then it clicked.
She is awesome and her music amazing – check it out!!  http://www.myspace.com/thelandofdeborah

I also had the privilege of meeting the sweet and talented Anita Smith.  Writer/producer/actress of Rise ‘n Shine Og.  If you’ve got some time to laugh, and if you don’t I suggest you make time because laughter is. . . go to http://risenshineog.com/

In other news both the web-series and theatre production have currently been put on hold.  This frees me up to have a bit of a life outside of the industry (again) and return to work on my own projects.
As well as I’ll be able to get going on a collaborative effort with Kirsten Johnson.

I leave you with the creepy dude living in the bathroom at our main location.


2 thoughts on “Women in Film Vancouver Chapter

    1. Sorry for false hope. The one that was supposed to open a week Wednesday. Harold Pinter’s ‘The Caretaker.’

      I’ve spoken with the people doing the one in May and we are currently looking at options. Fingers crossed.

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