Fun Times

Day 1 of shooting went superbly!!  The team is amazing.  Cast and crew were ‘on it.’  Lisa runs a tight well-managed ship.  I loved every minute.

Yesterday, before shooting, I headed out to New West to have my office Word, Excel and data-entry skills tested.  Looks like I may be heading back to the ole 9-5 grind to support my film-making habit.

Then it was off to set for a night of awesomeness.

This second photo shows off an nonreturnable costume which was didn’t end up being used for the shoot.  It was meant for Tash, who is tiny, so rather than go to bed at 4:30am it struck me as a much better idea to see if the suit fit.  As much as I want to blame the Red Bull and lack of sleep for choosing clothing over sleep, I would’ve done it anyway 🙂

I know what I’m being this Halloween this year – Hands-on-Hips girl 🙂


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