Fast Paced

Rehearsal for The Caretaker was canceled tonight which gives me just enough time to upload my latest 365 pictures, flip the laundry and rush out the door to pick up some last-minute things before we shoot tomorrow.  I can’t believe we start shooting tomorrow!!  This is all happening so fast.

Today the lovely Kirsten Johnson and I spent a good chunk of time in Costco trying to make our meager budget feed 10-15 hungry people.  We walked away very proud of ourselves for managing to get some awesome crafty.  Now my fridge and freezer are packed with food waiting to be consumed by a (hopefully happy) team.

And now, as Kert always likes to say, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

I really like the colours in the first shot, which is just me doing the dishes, and how they fade from blues into warmer orange tones.

The second one I took this morning on the black and white setting of my camera.  Good times with Kert  🙂


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