No Time

Sooo busy with producing and acting and all that jazz.  This time, though, it’s so great because I feel like the director, Lisa Newell, and I are on the same page.  We have the same vision and want what’s best for the story.  I’m so happy to be working ‘with’ someone and not ‘against’ or ‘inspiteof’ someone… I love it when a plan comes together.

Still looking for the perfect ‘main’ location but I remain optimistic.  🙂

Photos from the last two days:

Date with Milton.  When I told him about this project he said, “What the hell? … ok” 🙂

New Hair, no make-up except the remnants from our ‘bruising’ tests for the film.  I had a ‘fake’ bloody nose and would forget then see myself in the mirror and be all shocked for half a second.


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