We’re on our way and things are coming together 🙂  Amanda has found someone to take her shift for one of the shoot days and is just waiting to hear back re: the other one.  Natashia Chandra is confirmed and excited to join our team.  And this weekend we’re casting for the final character.  It’s well-known that older males are tough to find, but my director is already really excited about someone.  Originally William B. Davis was interested in the project but due to scheduling conflicts it just didn’t work out.  That would’ve been cool, but being entirely non-union is also fun.

Re: locations, we’ve got three out of the four LOCKED DOWN!  This is such a relief.  Now we’re just working on the final, and most important location but I have a feeling we’ll get it quickly and easily.

Re: food, well, that’s a toughy but I remain optimistic.

Also, I’m super excited because I found this blog which is all about females working in the industry.  As an added bonus she is Canadian so double-yay in my books 🙂
I’ve also found a few online articles that are very interesting re: female directors etc.:–why-romantic-comedies-suck

Lisa, my director, and I decided to make this short specifically aimed at women and their wants/needs/desires.  I hope we can create something of quality and value that speaks to everyone male/female, young/old, etc. etc.

Stay tuned.


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