Producing Woes

So far we have only one (out of four) locations locked down.  We had two, but the main one dropped out at the last minute.  Tonight my director, Lisa Newell, is going to (hopefully) lock down a new one and I’ve had some much needed help from friends Lori Watt, Anastasia Bandy and Lisa Dery.

Amanda, a dear friend and actress, whom I had booked a month ago, has informed me that she was scheduled during her holidays and is now no longer available for shooting – YIKES!  But she is going to check with her manager and do her best to cover those shifts.  Hopefully she can become available once again because she is a) perfect for the part, b) a dear dear friend/person and c) a brilliant actress.

Our film equipment and insurance which was previously hoped would be donated is now taking up half of the budget.  This makes perfect sense considering how low-budget we are to begin with AND we get to shoot on the red-camera, which shouldn’t really get to happen but is because Nene and Shane are awesome.  With almost everything else going to locations, this means less money for other stuff, like food.  So I have been contacting as many local businesses as possible, begging them to donate.  Here’s hoping a giggle and a warm smile can get me what I desperately need.
Note-to-self: next time BIGGER BUDGET!!  Also, next time PAY EVERYONE!  🙂

No matter what happens I am sure it will all come together as it must, because it must, our first shot is set for 10:30pm on January 14th.

Wish me luck and stay tuned.


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