To Act or Not To Act

This morning my mother and I had a conversation.  In it she suggested I follow my strengths and focus more on the producing/writing aspect of things with mini-cameos in my work, rather than try to be the main character – like Tarentino or Hitchcock.

As much as I appreciate her honesty, it is difficult for me to hear such things.

I know I am not your typical Hollywood star.  I know I am not always the belle of the ball, but personally I believe that this is what sets me apart.  I believe that people are looking for the more ‘real’ side of things.  That they crave substance over flash.  That if given the option most people out there would choose to enjoy a movie that made them reflect upon themselves and their lives just as much as they would choose to watch ‘The Hangover’ for the fifteenth time.
Note: I’m not saying there aren’t times when watching a movie for the pure enjoyment of being entertained, or turning your mind ‘off,’ aren’t valid, because they are.

I also try to remind myself about all those times other people in Hollywood were told they weren’t good enough.  Brad Pitt was fired from a soap opera because they didn’t think he was ‘hot enough.’  Julia Roberts was told her smile is ‘too big,’ and that is now one of the most endearing things about her.  These people didn’t give up after being told “No” over and over and neither will I.
If I have to create my own opportunities/pave my own way, I will.  I am prepared for the long journey ahead.  Not only that, but I am excited for it!
2010 will bring many changes in my life, I’ve got a bunch of projects on the go already, and I’m thrilled to have to opportunity to continue my dream – at least for the next few months.
So, onward and upward.  Despite my mother’s words of caution I am committed to continuing along this path at least until the end of February.
I leave you with a picture of my little bro and me enjoying a sunset in Mexico because it is a good memory and I am pointing to the limit 🙂
Mexican Sunset

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