First Post

Well it would make more sense to start this blog on January 1st, what with my affinity for symbols and ceremony and other such obligatory celebrations in one form or another.  But then again I also enjoy going against the norm and stepping outside the box; not to mention I have now finally finished all three levels of minesweeper, whilst listening to Tim Minchin, on my little brothers computer so I’m finally ready to buckle-down and write something.

Final numbers not reflective of overall competency:
Beginner –  12 seconds
Intermediate – 58 seconds
Expert – 136 seconds

It’s nice to be an expert in something, even if it happens to be minesweeper.

So why oh why would I join in the chorus of disconnected voices in this seemingly unending sea of blogs riding the wave of the internet?  Well, I’m hoping to one day inspire other creative types to go out there and follow their dreams.
I was also inspired by my dear sweet friend who just started up her own home away from home on –

So why pursue acting?
Well, it all began back when I was a mere child and would get lost in my imagination, wishing to perform for others and basically put a smile on the faces of those around me.  Not to mention the attention.  Oh how I love the attention.

As I grew up I cultivated this love of the spotlight into a need to actually be in it for a living.  So two years ago I ditched the nine-to-five job, packed up my belongings, and moved to Hollywood North to try my hand at quote making it unquote.

Upon arriving in the big city, the world seemed to be my oyster.  I started full-time studies at an amazing institution, called Schoolcreative, and flourished there under the tutoring of such amazing people as: Linda Darlow, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Gabriel Carter, Tobias Mehler, Nathaniel Duveax, and Stellina Rusich – to name a few.

Unfortunately timing is everything and Hollywood North has suffered some major blows over the last few years.  So while I’ve managed to keep my head above water and make ends meet with odd jobs/random acting gigs and living below the poverty line I have come the conclusion that enough is enough and am currently applying for another full-time office position.

Does this mean I am giving up my dream?  No.  Throughout the highs and lows of getting auditions, being put on hold for MOW’s, booking a role only to find out they’ve lost their funding, or the show has been cancelled, or I’m too fat, or I’m not fat enough, or my hair is too dark, or my eyes are too light – amidst all of that running around trying to fit into whatever the producers think they are looking for, I have come to the decision that I don’t want to do it their way.

I didn’t get into this industry to be ‘party girl number 3’ or the ditzy waitress with a one-liner, I got into this for the art – because I believe that through opening peoples hearts and minds we can make an impact and possibly even change the world for the better.

So I’m going to use this blog as a space to write about my adventures in la-la-land and where I’m coming and going, what I’m up to and where I hope to be.

Stay tuned for more adventures as they arise…


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