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Officially Official

Hello Meeshelle & Lisa,
Please find attached the document certifying that “Therapy” won the “Collégiens Award” at our festival.
The film has been very well received by the public and we’re very happy that we were able to show it at our festival.
Thank you for making that possible!

Magali Gauthier

& L’équipe Cinéma du Monde
Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde
22 place Beauvoisine
6000 ROUEN, France



Therapy_Prix Collégiens Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde

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French Festivals FTW!

I recently had the supreme pleasure of going to France to attend the  Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde (Glances on the cinema of the world) to represent the short film ‘Therapy.’

The festival was amazing, we were treated very well, I’m so glad I went.

Kert and I arrived as two very sleepy travelers at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris but our day brightened as soon as we spotted our driver.  I’ve always secretly coveted people who arrive to signs with their name on them and after having experienced it, I now think it is the only way to travel 😛

His name is Xavier and he is awesome.

After a nap and some food provided by Pierre our generous host / manager of the place we were staying, Attila (of Atka Films) stopped by to give us a grand tour of the city.  Of course we had to stop to take a shot by the first festival sign we saw, even though there were many others (including a very large one which Attila successfully models in front of, in the photo below) 😀



Attila showed us all around the city and we ended up at a great spot for dinner where we met up with Magali who works for the festival.  On a side-note, the first role I booked upon moving to Vancouver was the lead in Magali’s film F.Y.T.  Small world.

1623706_10151877105851022_1352998196_n 1560530_10151877084056022_1790499166_n

The following day we went to see Attila’s movie ‘Over‘ play at the Melville Cinema and we also got to see an amazing short film ‘Le Quai Du Destin’ written / directed by Amina Saadi.

After the screening we all went out for dinner together along with fellow filmmaker Bilel Bali whose feature documentary ‘1, 2, 3… 5, 6, 7‘ was playing on Wednesday.  Kert and I already had plans to go to Paris that day so we missed the screening but luckily I still got to see his movie which connected with my heart (it is about so much more than dance).

1614565_10151851346526861_159833844_o 75910_10151879009646022_395047106_n 1488975_10151879010951022_2070066821_n

On Tuesday morning Magali picked Attila and me up to take us to another town to discuss our films.  We watched ‘Therapy‘ with the class then, with the help of a lovely interpreter, sat around dissecting it.  It was fantastic to gain insight through the minds of the younger generation.

They really connected with the subject matter, so much so that the teacher asked if she could keep a copy of Therapy to teach within her curriculum.  What an honour.


Magali then whisked me away to the Ariel movie theatre so I could attend a screening of shorts (which included Therapy).


We had quite a large turnout which included Amina.  She is so lovely.


The next day Kert and I wandered around Paris.  We had a few spots we wanted to hit up like the Arc De Triomphe and the Tour Eiffel but other than that we just enjoyed the city.



On Thursday I got to meet the amazingly magnetic Sheila O’Connor and attend the screening of her heart-wrenching movie ‘Duo.’


On Friday was the closing night awards and film ‘Three Veils.’

With Angela Zahra, one of the stars of the film

I was so full from the enjoyment of the week, the people I’d connected with, the art I’d seen and the sense of community, I couldn’t imagine a better experience.



A Shot of All the Filmmakers Taken by the Talented Guillaume Godier


Then, out of seemingly nowhere, they announced Therapy as the winner of the ‘Audience Choice’ award in the short film college division.  I was so shocked all I could really say was, “Thank you” over and over again.
I truly mean it, though, so maybe that was the best reaction to have.  This movie means so much to me and for it to win an award is like icing on an already decadent cake.


Thank you to everyone who worked on the festival, to everyone who watched / voted and to everyone who made Therapy a reality – this award is a reflection of the hard-work and talent brought to set by our cast & crew.

**A special thanks from me to Lisa Newell, you brought so much to this piece and are a fantastic director.


The Girls Behind the Festival – Béatrice, Magali & Claire
With the creator of the festival Camille Jouhair

With my hubby and my rock

With Attila

With Sheila

And with Magali, someone who has believed in me for years and who I owe a great debt of gratitude

Our Official Press Release: The short film Therapy, directed by Lisa Newell, written/produced/starring Meeshelle Neal and edited by Kirsten Johnson, which was nominated for two Leo Awards (best editor / best actress), went international last week at the Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde in Rouen France.
Greeted with enthusiasm from the audience and fellow filmmakers, Therapy took home the Audience Choice Award in the short film College Division.  A winning success for the low budget production.  Meeshelle was present and thrilled to accept the prestigious award on behalf of the entire cast & crew.  Congratulations to everyone who worked on this movie!  

Cast & Crew:

Lisa Newell – director
Meeshelle Neal writer / producer / actress
Kirsten Johnson – editor / production assistant
Amanda Scott – actress
Andrew Lisset – actor
Natashia Chandra – actress
Peter Chao – actor
Clint Bargen – actor / grip / stills / promotional materials
Shane Smith – director of photography / steadicam operator
Raymund Santos – production design / graphic design
Peter Brown – 1st A.D.
Davin Tong – camera operator
Derek Howe – 1st assistant camera
Whitney Burnand – key make-up
Max Marois – sound mixer / boom op.
Nick Bedell – sound design
Trance Blackman – composer
Kert Saville – promotional materials

Special Thanks:

Stellina Rusich, Laura Pringle, Kirsten Clarkson, Sajith Gunawardena, Nenad Barjaktarovic, Lori Watt, Lisa Dery, Marita Eason, Anastasia Bandey, Redbull, Box Studios & Final Draught

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Au revoir mes amis

Happy 2014 Everyone!!

meeshelle neal - headshot

In one week Kert and I leave Vancouver to attend the ‘Festival regards sur le cinéma du monde‘ where Therapy will be playing in Rouen.  I feel so incredibly grateful to all the people who pulled together and put their amazing talent to work on Therapy.   A special Thank You to the cast and crew!

The official e-mail states:

We have the pleasure to announce that your film “Therapy” will be programmed as followed :

– Tuesday  21st  january  2014 at 2pm at Cinéma Le Melville, 75 rue du Général Leclerc, 76000 Rouen
– Thursday 23rd january 2014 at 1:30 pm at Cinéma UGC CINE CITE SAINT SEVER, place Saint Sever, 76100 Rouen
– Thursday 23rd january 2014 at 2 pm at Cinéma Le Melville, 75 rue du Général Leclerc, 76000 Rouen
– Tuesday 28 th january 2014 at 2pm at Cinéma ARIEL, place Colbert, 76130 Mont Saint Aignan
This film will be part of the competition jury.

I’m definitely getting excited about the trip, but first I get to enjoy lots of time on set.  Stay tuned for more info on all the great projects I’ve been working on.


Ygritte, is that you?

Tonight as we were leaving the restaurant I was stopped by a fan… not a fan of me, but one of G.O.T.  Turns out all throughout the meal he thought I was Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte).  The place was dim and we were sitting more than a few feet away from each other but being compared to Rose Leslie is quite the compliment and it was really fun/funny to have that ‘fan experience’; he even took a picture with me 🙂

So, see any resemblance?


I should have asked for their info to get a copy of the pic because it was so much fun – so if you are one of the three folks at that table, who had dinner at Shizen Ya on Broadway tonight, feel free to contact me 🙂


Another Boudoir Photoshoot – This time with Acken Studios :D

I love photoshoots but this one was especially fun.  There was a great air of togetherness between us gals.

Special thanks to Danielle Foreman Acken (of Acken Studios) for creating such a fun/inviting environment while capturing some spectacular imagery, Melissa Weselake for doing my make-up and Destiny Frieson for giving me the gorgeous locks 😀

View More: http://ackenstudios.pass.us/glam View More: http://ackenstudios.pass.us/glam View More: http://ackenstudios.pass.us/glam View More: http://ackenstudios.pass.us/glam View More: http://ackenstudios.pass.us/glam

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Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia , Canada


Untitled Chris Chase Sitcom

Back in January I did a sitcom workshop and it was a ton of fun!!  From that I met some really great people among them were Mohit Anand(my scene partner) and the amazing brothers Riaz & Zain Meghji.

Here is the video from class –

And here are both scenes taken from a different angle (special thanks to Riaz):