Meeshelle ‘Meesh’ Neal is a director, screenwriter, and author, with a background in producing and acting. She resides in Toronto ON.

In 2023 she is set to direct another thriller for Lifetime, two episodes of a TV series on Crave, and the feature film version of Betwixt, which is based on her book trilogy.

In 2022 she directed Christmas Plus One (CityTV) & The Heiress of Christmas (TF1 | Reel One).

In 2021 she directed I Won’t Let You Go (Lifetime).

She is in development on her own feature films and multiple TV projects, including a TV series based on her YA book trilogy Betwixt.

As a queer, multi-award winning filmmaker in the industry for many years, Meesh has worked her way up through various departments in television and independent films. She has experienced extensive hands-on apprenticeships*, where she was directly involved from prep through to post, with Gary Harvey on: Murdoch Mysteries (CBC), Welcome to Christmas (Hallmark), Hudson & Rex (Citytv) & Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix).

Her films have screened around the world, earning numerous awards and accolades, such as: Best Director North America & Best Female Filmmaker. Of note, Meeshelle became the first writer | director in the history of the Whistler Film Labs to have two projects selected in the same year.

Meeshelle is known to tackle difficult subjects with a surreal edge while remaining grounded in the nuanced complexity of human emotion.

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Directing on the set of I Won’t Let You Go

*Apprenticeships with Gary Harvey: Meesh first approached Gary in 2018 to shadow through a show. Gary turned his need for a translator (and her need to learn the ropes) into a unique mentorship / apprenticeship position and offered her a job instead. Gary’s theory was that an assistant would have unfettered access and be involved in the entire process of how and why all decisions (from prep to post) are made – access not available to average shadowing directors.
Meesh’s job was to learn his process, become attuned to his speech, and in turn be his voice when needed.
Understanding Gary’s plans, then watching them in action helped Meesh develop a firm grasp on all aspects of TV production and elevated her abilities to execute a clear vision on time and on budget.

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